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Decorating Large Walls with Art

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Shepard Fairey Style Art

More than just Obama HOPE posters, the genius behind the type of art that Shepard Fairey and similar street artists who found their works reproduced commercially was how visually pleasing they were at a distance. Keep this premise in mind when decorating your large section of art. But also be careful going overboard with this principal, as you don’t want your art to be totally unrecognizable when you’re a few feet away.


License plates

If you are fortunate enough to have lived across multiple states (or countries), a spread out landscape of art on your wall displaying these license plates can be a fun conversation piece. For a garage, lounge, or other sorts of warehouse area, many collectors seek out license plate collections (having every state for the year 2000 for example) can be an awesome little collection that will tell a story on a huge wall, and who knows, maybe even accumulate in value.


Family portraits

For far cheaper than years ago, a typical American family can get a professional quality portrait of up to four people. We all have photographs in the Instagram generation—commissioning a few high-quality paintings of your family (or even just the family corgi) can really counteract that ugly blank space and bring some character and love to what should be a home.