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The Largest Native American Tribes Still Around Today

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To too many Americans in 2017, when thinking of Native American Indian tribes, they think of a time before most of us were born, when Indians were rampant through the United States and a blight upon westerners seeking to manifest destiny. Nowadays, there are a lot less tribes in existence than there were even 100 years ago. Let’s talk about some of the largest tribes still in existence today.


Largest Tribes

According to a census in 2000, there’s no Native American tribes today with a population exceeding a million people. Here are some of the top Native American tribes still standing today:

  1. Cherokee
  2. Navajo
  3. Choctaw
  4. Sioux
  5. Chippewa

The fact of the matter is that these tribes have dwindled so much in numbers, and the United States did a lot to ruin their chances of growing in numbers over the years.


Why are the populations so low?

It’s crazy to think about how many Native Americans there once were in the United States, with numbers in the past being “over 100 million American Indians; today there are about 2 million.” That’s a very large drop in numbers. There are a decent amount of tribes still in existence here in the USA, with over 500 tribes still in existence, but they have a very small amount of Native Americans in each tribe.


The Cherokee tribe is the largest tribe still standing today

While still staying under a million current members. Most of the Cherokee tribe members are currently residing in the Southeast of the United States, with some of their members living near California (out west).


What is the future of American Native Americans?

The good news is that these Native American tribes are currently expanding, being one of the first time periods in a long time that they’ve experienced growth since the difficulties that they went through while modern Americans were busy destroying their homes and forcing them to live on reserves.

While it’s impossible to predict the future with complete accuracy, it’s safe to say that these tribes are looking up right now with a bright future ahead. The worst of their suffering is behind them, and we can expect some more of these tribes to begin to hit the million mark in their population soon! Until the 2020 census is conducted, we can only speculate.