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Groundbreaking Research On Psychedelics And Depression

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You probably think it’d be crazy to intermingle psychedelics with a depressed person, but research has shown that it actually has a profound effect on the brain! When clinical studies were done to test the matter, it seemed that overwhelmingly, when people with depression used controlled doses of psychedelics, (such as magic mushrooms and LSD) they were able to feel a lot better about life towards the end.


How does this work?

Theories exist as to why this works the way it does, but none of them have been proven yet. One way is that they believe that the psychedelics allow your suppressed emotions to “flow freely” for the first time in a long time, which (as you can imagine) would greatly alleviate the user’s depression!

Doctors would typically advise against taking this research as a recommendation to "self-medicate" however, as some note that potential dangers of psychedelics on those already experiencing depression and instability, while they may benefit, could also suffer an exacerbation of their effects. These psychologists referenced in these studies end up putting you in a healthy environment and give you “clean” drugs, not the stuff you buy on the street that could be laced with anything. And of course, provide a soft net for you to fall if you experience the stereotypical (but no less frightening) “bad trip.”

Another great way that psychedelics has helped with people out is by helping people with PTSD to let out their suppressed emotions, making them feel better afterward. Just taking the drugs isn’t always enough to make you feel better though, but mixing it with going to a therapist and getting psychotherapy treatments can exponentially help you out as well!


Why it’s hard to prove

You might be wondering why this isn’t a proven fact when all of this evidence standing behind it, but there are actually quite a few reasons holding it back. One of the main reasons that this isn’t proven is the fact that it’s hard for people to even get these drugs, due to the laws prohibiting them from being used in most areas of the world! Another reason that this is hard to prove is due to a few backers and money which has been given in the interest of this study. Not many people have even tried to prove it, and the money just isn’t there to influence people to try and prove it.

Hopefully, in the future, they can conduct more professional studies, because something like this could end up helping millions of people around the world with depression if it comes back as legit. If you have nowhere left to turn and need help for your depression soon, then you should try your best to see if you could be used in a study!