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Traveling In The Apocalypse

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When things go wrong, it’s not a good idea to travel. Staying put is probably the smartest thing you can do in a scenario where there are issues on a massive scale—where the human confusion is likely to cause as much trouble as the actual natural disaster. However, a lot of people are travel junkies and will attempt to make their in any given circumstance, and there are always cases where people have to travel to get somewhere in time for an important event. No one wants to meet the end of the world in the middle of a work trip two states away from your spouse and children! 

Obviously, the apocalypse hasn’t happened, but if it ever does and you’d still like to travel, this is the guide for you.


How to book a room when plans change 

Most people travel on a budget, but when things go wrong you’re bound to spend more money than you originally thought you would, and you never know when something is going to suddenly go wrong. One great way to book a room on the fly is through HotelTonight. With this app, you can book a room pretty fast, for very respectable rates. I know some of these apps don’t always give you the best deals, but this is one of the highest rated, and most respected apps for this type of booking. You can read here about some more great apps like HotelTonight that’ll allow you to book unexpectedly available rooms.


Example of traveling in the apocalypse 

The apocalypse to you might literally mean when zombies chase us down and try to exterminate the human race. However, I like to see it from a figurative perspective. When things go wrong during our trips, we normally feel like the apocalypse is going on - it’s a full-fledged disaster. An example of something that went horribly wrong was the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption that stopped a large portion of Europe from allowing planes to fly. The ash cloud that formed really affected the air traffic and stopped all of North Europe from allowing flight from April 15th-23th in 2010. Hopefully, nothing this bad happens to you when you’re expecting a flight, but if your flight is canceled, in most normal situations there are things you can do!


What to do when your flight gets canceled 

First of all, before you even start boarding your flight, you should be researching what the weather is going to be like on the day of your flight (specifically in terms of wind and precipitation). If you think that there’s a chance that your flight might get canceled, you’re going to want to create a travel backup plan. You can try your best to try and get a different flight going elsewhere which can ensure you reach your final destination faster, and you should do your best to get every dime (and possibly more) back from the airline that canceled on you. You can read this guide as well to learn more about what to do when your flight gets canceled.