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DIY Canvas Poster Framing Alternatives

Framing can cost a little more and take some time, and sometimes we just want to go for a more casual look when adorning the walls. So we came up with a few quick and cheap solutions for our art canvas.

1. Clear Push Pin

Probably the cheapest and simplest of them all. They only cost 2 to 3 cents each and found in small packs of 50 to 100+. They would cost from $1 to $3 in stores and you only need about 32 push pins for the 5 piece art canvas.
Overall cost: less than $1
Time: about 5 to 10 min set up
Tools and materials: 32 push pins, scissors are optional if cutting the white borders off.

2. Binder Clips
Clipboard DIY
This will cost right about the same as the push pin and is just as easy and creative. The upside is that there won’t be tiny holes around the border.

Credit: House Beautiful

3. Elmer’s Project Display Boards
Yup, you heard it right. $6 at the school supply section in most stores and a stapler. Make sure you make the right measurements of your image and cut it similar to the photo above. From this 36” x 48” board comes out 5 pieces of thick board that serves as a sturdy back piece that you can wrap your canvas around and staple all around. Yes, it’s that simple!

4. Round Dowel Rod and String

These are simple and look great! Get a dowel at any or your local home improvement store, better yet, an arts and craft store or on amazon (pre-cut at 12 inches and in packs of 10 for $5 to $7 shipped to your door. Get some string like the jute twine and any kind of fabric adhesive and you are all set! Pretty self-explanatory from the photos!

Credit: City Farmhouse

5. Flat Wooden Poster Hanger

Flat wooden dowel is another option to play with.

Credit: Crafted

6. Washi Tape

Express your creativity more using Washi tapes as your poster frames. These tapes are in wide variety of colors and designs, readily available in the market, and easy to use!

Image Credit: Schoolhouse
7. Magnetic Frame

Magnets? Why not! You can also organize posters on your wall using rare earth magnets.

Credit: Apartment Therapy
Image Credit: Dabney Frake

8. Hangers

No need to go far and spend more with this very creative idea to hang your posters. Start scouting pants hangers in your house and hang your posters with it!

Credit: Apartment Therapy

9. Build Your Own Actual Stretcher from Scratch
You will need 4 of these wood strip (0.656in x 1.46in x 96in).  This applies to both the large and small frame build. Be sure to measure carefully and plan well because 20 strips will come out of this. Be sure to cut each edge at a 45 degree diagonal as shown in the photo. You will need a simple hacksaw or small wood saw, a staple gun with staples. You will assemble each frame and staple it all together also shown in the photo for reference. You will then wrap around the canvas and staple again. These cost just under a buck after tax, less than $4, but will require a bit of time and labor.

You can also learn how to mount your canvas on a frame by watching this video.

We hope these 'Do-It-Yourself' ideas gave you some inspiration to find other alternatives to display your canvas prints!